CUR-Aanbeveling 111 English edition

CUR-Aanbeveling 111 English edition

Steel fibre reinforced concrete industrial floors on pile foundations - Design and construction

The use of standardized specimens enables the description of the behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete by a stress-strain relation. The post-cracking behaviour is included in this relation. Present structural concrete (reinforced, plain, prestressed and partially prestressed concrete) design rules can be extended by the inclusion of design rules that are valid for steel fibre reinforced concrete, possibly combined with reinforcing steel. Use is made of a selection of the post-cracking tensile strengths determined with the aid of the ‘bending test’. The design methods tailored to the Netherlands’ practice are based on the document ‘Test and design methods for steel fibre reinforced concrete – Background and experiences’ as presented in 2003 by RILEM commission TC 162-TDF.

This Recommendation refers to industrial floors of steel fibre reinforced structural concrete provided with reinforcing steel, not provided with a creeping space, founded on piles and constructed on soil. The Recommendation is tuned to Dutch regulations and contains provisions additional to NEN 6720.

Artikelnummer AA111E
Jaar 2010