Quay walls second edition


The book is part of the Maritime structures serie, which also includes the handbook
Urban Quay Walls (ISBN 978 90 5367 615 8)

Quay Walls

Second edition

This new edition of the handbook of Quay Walls provides the reader with essential knowledge for the planning, design, execution and maintenance of quay walls, as well as general information about historical developments and lessons learned from the observation of ports in various countries. Technical chapters are followed by a detailed calculation of a quay wall based on a semi-probabilistic design procedure, which applies the theory presented earlier.

Since the publication of the Dutch edition in 2003 and the English version in 2005, considerable new experience has been obtained by the many practitioners using the book, prompting the update of this handbook. Moreover, the introduction of the Eurocodes in 2012 has prompted a complete revision of the Design chapter, which is now compliant with the Eurocodes. Furthermore, additional recommendations for using FEM-analysis in quay wall design have been included.

In response to ongoing discussions within the industry about buckling criteria for steel pipe piles, a thorough research project was carried out on steel pipe piles filled with sand and on piles without sand. The results of this research program have also been incorporated in this new version.

Finally, the section on corrosion has been updated to reflect the latest knowledge and attention has been given to the latest global developments in quay wall engineering.

The new edition was made possible thanks to the contributions of numerous experts from the Netherlands and Belgium.

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