Hydraulic fill manual



Hydraulic Fill Manual

for dredging and reclamation works

This Hydraulic Fill Manual is written to supply the dredging industry with a handbook that helps to improve the understanding between the various parties (clients, consultants and contractors) involved in a hydraulic fill project. It contains the latest developments in the field of design and construction of hydraulic fills and presents clear guidelines for initiation, design and construction of a hydraulic fill project.

The design and construction of a hydraulic fill project requires specific knowledge of a wide variety of disciplines, such as hydraulic, geotechnical and environmental engineering in combination with practical know-how and experience in dredging and filling techniques.

Moreover, a new generation of dredging equipment, increasing awareness of the marine environment and the tendency to reduce construction time (return on investment period) will affect the design and construction methods requiring new standards.

Worldwide experience indicates that in recent years the technical specifications of reclamation projects have become more stringent. In a number of cases this trend has led to inadequate and conflicting specifications, to construction requirements that could not be met and/or to excessive costs for fill treatment and testing. These developments frustrate the tender process, cause serious problems during construction and quality control and may lead to long-lasting, costly arbitration.

Hydraulic Fill Manual has been written to avoid these problems. It includes theoretical and practical guidelines for the planning, design, construction and quality control of hydraulic fills.

The Manual covers the interfaces between the areas of interest of the contractual parties usually involved in reclamation projects. The publication will:

» enable the Client to understand and properly plan a reclamation project; » provide the Consultant with adequate guidelines for design and quality control;
» allow the Contractor to work within known and generally accepted guidelines and realistic specifications.

This Manual is believed to be the first handbook to date that covers all these aspects that are relevant to the construction of hydraulic fills.

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